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Kinesiology and Muscle Monitoring

How can a muscle indicate that I have an emotional, mental or physical response to a certain situation or issue?

As all muscles are connected to the brain by biofeedback through our central nervous system, any stress whether conscious or subconscious, physical or emotional will register via monitoring muscles that are used in energetic kinesiology.

First the “monitoring” muscle is checked through a number of tests to make sure it is in homeostasis and that it is functioning so the practitioner is able to work with this muscle as an indicator. The muscle will then either “lock” or “unlock” depending on what stress is showing.

As muscle response is mainly subconscious it is able to access other aspects of your being including, emotional, mental and spiritual, rather than just your physical body. The majority of our bodily functions are done subconsciously for example, when you get up from a sitting position, there are many muscles, tendons, ligaments etc, that are required for you to lift yourself from the chair into a standing position. This is an example of how we have programmed and stored information in the subconscious to response automatically. This programming is very strong as sometimes it must override our conscious decisions, in this way the subconscious is number one in protecting the body for survival not only physically, but emotionally and mentally. Have you ever tried to lift something that is too heavy for you? Your muscles will automatically signal to your brain that you are unable to lift it, again the subconscious wins and over rides the conscious no matter how much you want or need to lift the object, you can’t.

As neuropathways are set down when we experience an event, these same pathways help us to remember that event and the feelings, thoughts associated with it. As your brain remembers an experience as if it is happening now, even if it was many years ago, the same reaction programming is triggered. This same reaction can also be triggered even if it is an imagined event. If stress is present in the body due to this event, this is what causes our muscle to ‘lock’ or ‘unlock’, indicating to the practitioner that more information may need to be gathered around this situation or that a correction maybe required at this time to “shift” the stress associated with this event. As you can see, it is the subconscious that is driving this locking/unlocking of the monitoring muscle. So if the client is uncomfortable with verbalising the details of the event, they can merely think about the feelings, thoughts etc associated with that event and the muscles will indicate a stress. The practitioner can stack this into the circuit to heal it with the adequate correction required by the body.

In energetic kinesiology there is a strong correlation between muscles of the body, organs and glands and their corresponding meridian, as identified by the Chinese meridian system. George Goodheart in the 1960s with his system of Applied Kinesiology, made the link between Chinese meridian system and muscle testing. This allowed the discovery of the relation between the endocrine glands and meridian system, as well other organs, more widely recognised by western physiology. This paved the way for energetic kinesiology to incorporate and fine tune the use of muscle monitoring in its treatments.

If physical pain is present in a muscle(s) and that muscle is too painful to use to monitor. The practitioner can surrogate another muscle in its place and use this muscle to monitor for the original muscle that has the problem. The same healing dynamics will still occur for the original muscle and help to bring it back into repair.