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Kinesiology and Acupressure

Acupressure is when pressure is applied to acupoints. The Chinese believe that energy or chi circulates through the body via vessels (meridians).

Acupressure allows the energy to be stimulated or diffused through these vessels to where the body requires it to bring it back into balance. These vessels affect may definite physiological and emotional functions.

The Chinese meridian system has fourteen major meridians, all have their own acupoints. These are the central vessel, lung, pericardium, heart, liver, gallbladder, stomach, large intestine, triple heater, small intestine, bladder, spleen and kidney.

treatment2All meridians are either Yin or Yang, The Chinese believe that they are opposites which not only complement each other, but are essential for balance. All of the fourteen meridians are either Yin or Yang. Yin is considered feminine and Yan masculine.

Acupressure is immensely effective, as it can be applied to specific situations in the treatment process with fantastic results.

Kinesiology uses a Tei Shin, for acupressure. The Tei Shin is a blunt probe. The end of the probe is placed on the acupoint.

The practitioner will then push down, the Tei Shin has a spring which retracts the probe, so it is able to move in and out to stimulate the acupoint. The Chinese call this approach needle-less pressure.

Many acupoints work on more than one condition. For example acupressure can be used to treat pain, intestinal disharmony or emotional stresses. Many different issues involving tissue, organs, glands, as well the immune and sensory systems can be balanced with acupressure.

Energetic Kinesiology uses acupressure to also stimulate acupoints on the body that are connected to areas in the brain.

This works to switch on and off electrical impulses within the subconscious emotional areas which control certain behaviours and responses. This allows the client to shift how they react to certain situations, for a calmer, happier, healthier life.

Acupressure is used extensively in energetic kinesiology for such things as physical pain, asthma, high or low blood pressure, immune system and allergy issues, PMS, respiratory or cardiovascular problems, adrenal stress, prostate issues, thyroid and endocrine problems and more.

Swan Magazine, May 2015