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Liane is amazing!
I have had a few sessions done and am amazed at how this has helped with positive changes in my life both professionally and personally. I highly recommend Liane and her services!! “

– Michelle, Parkerville

Liane has been working on my from the beginning of her studies, I suffer from Graves disease and clinical depression and my body was suffering. I started to notice a difference within days. I have been going on a regular basis and within months I am feeling better to the point of coming off medication and quitting smoking. I will be continuing these sessions and look forward to Liane working on me, she makes you feel relaxed and comfortable and is very professional.”

– Melita, Mundaring

Liane is amazing. She’s easy going and makes you feel very comfortable. I was originally seeing Liane for myself, but recently had two sessions as a surrogate for my 16 month old party animal. My little girl had never slept more then 2-3 hours max at a time in her tiny life. I had tried everything gentle (I’ll never let her Cry it Out). She even had her large adenoids out due to potentially causing her sleep apnea. Her day time naps would be no longer then half an hour, if any at all and always in the car. Our little girl is now napping for at least one hour, but generally two hours during the day (in her own bed). She now spends the first part of the night asleep in her own bed, wakes once at around 2-3am, then comes to our room and sleeps through again until 7am. This became evident after our first session with Liane. We were just one appointment away from having a sleep study completed. Hands down recommend.

Karissa  Gooseberry Hill,   9 September 2016

Just wanted to say a very heartfelt thanks Liane!! After yesterday’s session I feel 100% better. Had a great sleep and been smiling all morning. Looking forward to seeing you again in 2 weeks  Linda,  Mundaring  8th March 2016

Liane has changed my life. She has helped me grow and mature in ways I struggled to on my own. Liane has supported me through my family matters and in doing so made me understand the difficult times I had been facing with the most part of my teens and young adulthood. The best thing is Liane understands me very well and I am completely open with her. Thank you