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Adrenal Fatigue

Kinesiology and Adrenal Fatigue

The adrenals are glands sit atop of your kidneys. They produce hormones that are required to sustain life such as cortisol which regulates metabolism. It also helps your body to respond to stress. Aldosterone is also excreted via the adrenal glands this is required for the control of blood pressure. Another hormone while not essential to sustain life, but helps your body in times of stress is adrenaline.

Having adrenal fatigue means you have lower levels of these hormones. These hormones can effect every system within your body. As this is the case, people who have adrenal fatigue will sometimes have slightly differing complaints, although many are similar.
These include:

Generally feeling unwell.
Tired even after sleep and rest.
Low energy and lethargy.
Lower than normal sex drive.
Muscle fatigue.
Depression and anxiety.
Craving certain foods.
Being rundown.
Feeling overwhelmed.
Exaggerated reactions to stressful situations.

Adrenal fatigue is classed as a modern condition due our busy lifestyles and the higher amount of stress present for most of us. While this condition is recognised by the World Health Organisation as common, most medical professionals are reluctant to confirm the existence of adrenal fatigue and many will tell you it doesn’t exist. This is where Kinesiology comes into play. We have a set of “Test your Stress” questions and body observation techniques which help us to identify your stress levels and if you are indeed suffering from adrenal fatigue.

As Kinesiology incorporates your physical, emotional, mental, hormonal, nutritional, biochemical and neurological systems we are able to treat adrenal fatigue as a whole body issue and ascertain where the “stress” started in the first place. As we use a monitoring muscle to test the biofeedback system within your body. It is your body that is indicating where the imbalance is located and what it would like to correct this imbalance. We incorporate the Chinese Meridian system and needle less acupuncture, flower essences, tuning forks (sound vibrations) and more to help with these corrections. We have a number of protocols to work with the adrenals, from your hormones, the function these hormones have in your many body systems they effect, to the anatomy and physiology of the adrenal glands themselves. Having Kinesiology sessions will leave you feeling more energetic, healthier and better to cope with every day life.