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What is Energetic Kinesiology?

Energetic Kinesiology is a dynamic holistic modality that incorporates Western physiological medical science with Eastern energetic healing techniques.

As every muscle is connected to your brain, any stress the brain registers, the body will have a muscle response, also known as direct biofeedback.

This response guides the practitioner to what corrections are required to balance a body which means that each session is unique to the client being treated.

EnergeticKinesiologyThe client lays on a massage table, fully dressed. The practitioner, via the monitoring muscle, does a number of “pre-checks” to ensure that the client’s body is ready to proceed with the balance.

The practitioner “asks” the body direct questions, mostly by the use of hand modes, touching different points on the body and verbal requests.

As kinesiology uses a muscle response to “answer” these questions, it is the body that is driving the treatment and indicating where the stress is.

As the subconscious is also accessed during the session the client is able to change and enhance many areas of their life, whether it be physically, emotionally, mentally, sporting, professional or personal.

Once the practitioner has completed the setup section of the session, they will again ask the body what correction is needed to stabilise and shift the stress that has been indicated.

This can include acupressure (needle-less acupuncture) using the Chinese meridian system; Tibetan figure 8 energies; chakras; sound (tuning forks); flower essences; holograms; age recessions*; neuro-lymphatic reflexes; neurovascular reflexes or emotional stress defusion points, to name a few.

Kinesiology can improve many health issues, including:

  • Stress and anxiety
  • physical pain and injuries
  • phobias and fears, emotional issues
  • depression, learning difficulties
  • tiredness and low energy
  • addictions
  • high or low blood pressure
  • asthma
  • hormonal issues
  • digestive problems
  • nutritional and allergy issues
  • weight loss
  • poor self esteem
  • skin problems
  • unresolved issues and more.

Kinesiology is suitable for all ages including infants, it is natural, safe, pain and drug free.

Swan Magazine – April 2015

* (Age Recession is a technique that allows the practitioner and client to find out either the age at which an event occurred that is the root cause of their current situation, or the age at which they understood the full impact of something that had happened earlier in their lives)