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Limiting Belief Systems

Sometimes it’s hard to make the changes we need for the better. Quite often it is to do with the limiting beliefs we have about ourselves, sometimes it’s due to fear or not feeling worthy of deserving a better life. So why it is so hard to change? Mainly it’s to do with our belief system.

Our belief system determines what we think, how we feel and quite often how we behave to different situations or stimuli. As we consciously and sub consciously interpreted everything we see, feel, touch, perceive and more. Those beliefs are then conditioned and built on over and over again, mainly due to our emotional attachment to people, things or events and circumstances. They then become resolute and the “go to” thoughts about “how things should be”. These beliefs then form our expectations, so that we may make better sense of the world around us and all that that entails.

Unfortunately we hold onto these beliefs, even if they are not serving us well. We do this out of a sense of being safe “I know what’s going on here”. etc. It gives us a sense that we are right in our expectations. If we feel “right” we then feel we have control and this in itself reduces anxiety, stress and fear. So over time we not only keep collecting these perceived expectations that keep us right and safe we add more and more references to make these beliefs more ingrained.

Kinesiology helps to bring these belief systems to the fore front so you may address them, especially the ones that are holding you back from making those decisions and changes. Beliefs account for many reasons why we don’t do things, things that we know will eventually benefit us. Kinesiology helps to change the way we see ourselves, others and situations, it then removes the fear, anxiety and blocks around these situations so that you can take that next positive step. As kinesiology works with your sub conscious as well, it allows beliefs that you may not even be aware of to be shifted to the conscious so you are able to acknowledge then, process them and move them on.

If you have any areas of your life where you feel you either need a change, are holding yourself back or would just like to improve on, kinesiology can help you.